"Feeling stressed, going in to the the offices. I have had a wonderful experience with Dominion Lending/Dave Griffin. He has made me feel much better about what options I had and has put our best interest at hand. and has been great providing us help and trying to get us back on track." - Angella Demell Nov 2012

"Dave Griffin worked hard to get the best deal for us. He shops around so you don't have to and you get that local, personal touch so lacking in our business financial world today." - Natasha Bick-Kelso Nov 2012

"David Griffin took great care of us as he guided us through the mortgage process and made sure we were getting the best rates/ mortgage that met our financial needs." -Mary-Claire Buell Nov 2012

"Dave Griffin is a very nice man who made me feel comfortable and was very explanatory with everything." - Dan Davis Dec 2012

"Dave Griffin makes the process super smooth and finds the best rates!" - Richard and Sarah MacKinnon Dec 2012